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Shane Archbold and Patxi Vila to become Sports Directors at BORA - hansgrohe

Shane Archbold will join the ranks of Sports Directors at BORA - hansgrohe from next season. The 34-year-old New Zealander announced the end of his pro cycling career a few days ago. Alongside Archbold, Patxi Vila will also return. The Basque was already part of the German team and makes his comeback in 2024.


In his new role, Archbold will primarily look after the younger riders in the German WorldTeam. As the youngest Sports Director in the team, Archbold brings with him many new ways of further supporting the development of young riders, such as Alexander Hajek and Emil Herzog.


Shane Archbold: "I'm very pleased that the team has given me the opportunity to continue to be part of the team and to move into this new role as a Sports Director. Working with the neo-pros on the team will be exciting. This way, I can pass on my experience and knowledge to the future of BORA - hansgrohe. I will work together with the guys to get the best out of themselves."


Patxi Vila celebrates his 48th birthday today. With over ten seasons as a Coach and Sports Director, he brings significant experience with him. Vila spent three of those years, 2017 to 2019, at BORA - hansgrohe.


Patxi Vila: "I'm really happy to join the team again, and I'm looking forward to bringing everything I can to the team, so we'll achieve our big goals. It feels like coming back home. I'm excited for the 2024 season, which I hope will be successful for BORA - hansgrohe. Especially with the big move the team has made, we'll be able to fight for the biggest win in the World."


Rolf Aldag, Head of Sports at BORA - hansgrohe: "As a rider, Shane always had an opinion, and he held it. Shane is very professional and has a very deep insight into strategies. From a DS point of view, we are happy that he is now taking the next step and giving young riders the chance to benefit from his experience!"


"Patxi brings with him a wealth of experience. He takes a very analytical approach to modern cycling, and essentially knows every bike race like the back of his hand. The fact that he has already worked within the team and its structures is an added advantage - just like with Shane. That makes the start and the comeback very easy," Aldag continued.


Sports Directors BORA - hansgrohe 2024:

Rolf Aldag (Head of Sports), Shane Archbold, Bernhard Eisel, Enrico Gasparotto, Heinrich Haussler, Christian Pömer, Patxi Vila